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Fridays are Reading Reflection day around the English Department at the high shcool where I work. That means that if the students don’t have make up work to do, I’m free to read right alongside of them. Gloriously, most of the kids were caught up this week, so I got to read quite a bit today!

In a previous post I mentioned The Sell, by Fredrik Eklund. I just love him and his high-kicks! He is full of life and energy and amazing insight. I could share his thoughts on what it takes to stand out in any business, not just real estate. Or I could tell you what he suggests is the best way to dress for your job, but you need to pick up your own copy of The Sell and read all the great tips and tricks for yourself.

This week, however, I’m going to touch on something Fredrik talked about that is near and dear to my heart and that is the challenge we encounter every day with our mind and body. “These three things–the nutrition from what you eat, the intensity of the exercise you get, and the quality of your sleep–are directly correlated with your output.” We know that, don’t we? But it’s easy to forget and it’s even easier to push all three aside because we have “more important things” to do. What we fail to admit is that we are actually sabotaging the very results we truly wish to achieve.

Correlated with your output. What output are you aiming for? Are you a stay at home mom, trying her darndest to just keep up with the house and the kids? Or maybe you leave for work before 7 each morning like I do, and work outside of the house all day only to come home to a week’s worth of laundry, cleaning and shopping. It doesn’t matter where you are in life, we all need (and I would say want) to be on top of our game. For our clients. For our family. For ourselves.  Life is not a straight shot from cradle to grave. There are many ups and downs and twists and turns along the way and we can be better prepared to navigate each of those just by making sleep, eating and exercise the priority they should be.

I want to be the best high-kicking version of myself I can be, and I bet you do too. One way to do that is to make those three things as important in your life as your “job” whatever that may be. I realize it’s nowhere near New Year’s Day with all of its resolutions, (even if my crazy sister has started sending weekly countdown to Christmas reminders) but let me suggest this one as an Autumn resolution! Just think how far ahead of the game you’ll be come January 1, 2017 if you make your own Autumn Resolution today. . .

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