Picture Book Look


My high school language arts teacher told me I was a good writer. I thought it was because of the assignment that morning. She asked us to free write because the kids liked to gripe and complain, hence, the assignment to fill two pages with whatever came to mind. I always found writing fairly easy, so I neared the bottom of the first page quickly. My hand started to fall off of the (spiral bound) page and, we were free writing right? I wrote about it.

I wrote that it irked me when that happened and that I preferred to stop writing while there were still a few blank lines left, (and my hand wasn’t dropping off the page). I went on to say I didn’t like to write on the back of the paper because then my arm would rest on the metal spiral and that wasn’t comfortable either. Mrs. Redford thought this was great! I was glad she did, but I have to wonder what the other kids were writing about that day.

Today I am a (newish) member of SCBWI – Missouri. I have had  a  short story published and several non-fiction magazine articles. My degree is in Psychology, I work in the Special Education Department of an area high school by day, and the public library by night. I love picture books probably because of the special place they held in my somewhat dysfunctional, chaotic childhood. For me books were an anchor. A constant friend I could turn to who would always be there.

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