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A Cookie a Day

on August 7, 2017

A cookie a day keeps the doctor away, right? Whoops! Maybe not, but they sure are fun to make and decorate!

I have loved to cook, and especially bake, since I was in elementary school. It’s one of the ways I de-stress actually. So my family knows that if I’m in the kitchen with flour flying, something’s up.

One of the most rewarding things to make are decorated Sugar Cookies. You know, the chill then roll out then cut into cutesy shape kind of sugar cookies. But the recipe and execution of a perfect batch of cookies eluded me for years.

That all changed three or four years ago when I had a little free time on my hands and I decided to teach myself how to make decorated Sugar Cookies I could be proud of. It took a bit of trial and error, a lot of reading, and batches of dough that had to be tossed out, but finally one day, voila!

There are a lot of things in life that are like Sugar Cookies. Things that take time, learning, practice and perseverance to finally master, but even after you have “mastered” something, there’s always more you can learn.


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