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A Little Closer. . .

on December 7, 2016

I am super excited to say that all the hard work (and cramming) paid off with a passing grade on both the Missouri state and national real estate exams! Yippee! I finished my Kansas Real Estate Practice Course last night, having completed the Missouri portion last week. What’s left to do is connect with my broker so he can fill out the broker portion of the paperwork and then send it off to Jeff City and wait patiently (okay, maybe not so patiently) for my license to be received back to the broker.

This is such a wonderful time to be starting something new, as evidenced by all of the New Year’s Resolutions that take place every year around this time. I tend to get pretty reflective during the Christmas holiday, spending any quiet time I can find assessing the past year’s events and dreaming (read that planning) about all the new opportunities and adventures that are to come.

I will miss seeing the new friends I met (and have spent nearly every night with since October) while at real estate school and I wish only the best to Jon, Elizabeth, Chris, and all the other students and faculty. However, I won’t miss the 10 pm release time, or the 5-6 hours of sleep I grew accustomed to getting every night. (Did I say I function best on nine hours of sleep per night?) I do however, feel super blessed at having had the opportunity to attend real estate school and I am grateful for the foundation I received.

I hope your holiday season is off to a wonderful start and that you will find time to reflect on 2016 as you dream of 2017. . .








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