Picture Book Look

One Mushy Brain

on November 13, 2016

Wow. My salesperson real estate test is one week from today and my brain is officially off duty. This has been nearly three weeks of 5 am mornings, and 11-11:30 pm nights. People, I require nine hours of sleep per night, so I have been quite zombie like much of the time, and zombie-ism doesn’t lend itself to good learning.

It has been fun though. I have really enjoyed meeting new people-fellow wannabe realtors, several of whom were licensed prior to the Great Recession. I was happy to see a good mix of ages in my class. There are a few young people, one of which turned 21 on one of our class nights! Many of my fellow students are middle age people and  there are even a few oldies like myself.

I do love to learn however, so pouring through the 156+ page workbook, the Missouri Salesperson Questions book and the 500 question online sample test have been fun. . .and challenging. That’s why I’m hanging out here on a Saturday night. Because I’ve been studying all day and my brain is mush.

Tomorrow is a new (studying) day. I keep reminding myself what I ask the high school students I work with, “What is more fun than taking World History (or the Missouri real estate salesperson test) the first time? Taking it (and paying for it) the second time!” I don’t know if I will pass next Saturday, but I’m sure going to try!

Well, break’s over! Back to the books. The night is young.


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