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Home is Where the Story Starts

on September 16, 2016


This week I spent my last day as a library employee. Gone are the books, kids and amazing coworkers (read “friends”) I had the pleasure of working with. I am surely going to miss the library’s energy and excitement. And yes, the library is full of energy and excitement. It is an old wives tale that the library is a super quiet, walk on eggshells type of place. That is the library of old. Today’s library is a vibrant, lively place. Check it out for yourself. Fear not, I am just as enamored with picture books and kid lit (and nonfiction for any age) as ever, but I have decided to set out on a real estate adventure. This is a career my sister and I discussed years ago, but with kids super small the timing just didn’t seem right. Fast forward 10 years, and voila! Here we go!

I am so excited because I will still have the opportunity to help people. Now, instead of helping someone find just the right read, I’ll help them find just the right home! Housing for me has always been a super fun proposition. I think I caught the bug when I worked as an underwriter for a Kansas City mortgage banker. I have also purchased four homes in my adult life and had one built. Every one of those properties has meant something different, and yet something special to me.

Now, being the book geek that I am, you know I did some research on this new career endeavor. Where did I turn to first? Yep. The library, and boy did I find some amazing books! Books like Josh Altman’s It’s Your MoveJoseph and JoAnn Callaway’s Super Agent, Zillow Talk by Spencer Rascoff and Stan Humphries and The Sell by Fredrik Eklund. These books are wonderful and they have only multiplied my excitement at starting down this new path!

I have a checklist of things to mark off as I move toward my goal of becoming a real estate agent. . .Find a broker willing to bring me on. Check. Find a mentor willing to help me get my sea legs. Check. Sign up for the real estate classes themselves. Check. Now, to begin taking the classes. That will be in a few weeks. In the meantime, I will read all I can, learn all I can, and remind myself that home is where the story starts. . .


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  1. Dena says:

    Excited for you!

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