Picture Book Look

A Day in the Life Of

on June 16, 2015

Wow, it’s almost summer. I am nearly half way through my year of living intentionally as a creative.

So I figure now is a great time to look back at what I’ve been doing, and the things I’ve learned. Well, I learned that I suck at posting faithfully. Maybe that will be next year’s goal, lol. But I’ve learned a lot of other things so far this year, too.

Like how I enjoy drawing, especially simple line drawing. Thanks Lisa Congdon. I’ve learned that I like to play with watercolors and that some things turn out so well I can’t believe I did them, but others look strangely similar to what my five year old self would have done!

I’ve learned that it’s okay to work on a painting over and over until you get it right, and that “right” is what’s in your heart and mind that you want to share with others. I’ve learned that patience will take you farther than impatience will, when speaking about art, and I now see that all those lessons on patience were for a reason.

I learned that there is a big, wide art world out there filled with numerous supplies and processes, all available to explore. But I came back home, if you will, to the creative art medium that I first started with several years ago. . .Writing. I learned that I still love writing and not only that, but that writing can be combined with drawing to create illustrations!

I have written a (another) manuscript. A picture book for children and I am especially excited about it. I want to share it with the world. Pretty big goal right? Well, it has a special place in my heart because of the back story involved, and I can see where the story could play a very special part in the lives of children and families everywhere.

My hope is to be able to send it out to a local publishing house in the next week or two. My next hope is that, even though they aren’t into picture books, they would still want to acquire it! As more develops on this, I will try to post about it. Ha! As if. Really, I will sing from the rooftops when the book finds a home. Now there’s a sight you wouldn’t want to miss. Lol.

Stay tumed for more developments and let me know what you are doing to sharpen your creative skills.

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