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Patricia Heaton – on creativity

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Yipee! I have worked out the kinks in posting in “real time” so to speak. So, this post is actually “live” in that it is being penned January 7.   🙂

Also, Ive continued to sketch as often as possible. I think I’ve missed two sketches this first week and I’m good with that. I haven’t gotten to the class offered through the library yet, but what I have been doing is learning about Randolph Caldecott in my spare time. Any of you home schooling moms can attest to the fact that there never seems to be much “spare” time in any given 24 hour period. Lol

I will be posting the daily sketches soon.

Keep drawing and encouraging creativity!

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Okay, so a bit of an explanation seems to be in order.

First, I am having to save my blog posts as drafts right now, because for some reason, WordPress keeps saying I have to verify my email, but I have yet to receive an email from them. I have emailed Support, but no response yet. Probably due to the holiday?

Second, my goal is to draw a sketch daily, and blog as I have time. That being said, I did neither yesterday! Yeah for me! Two days out, and I’m falling down already. Lol. Well, the short story is that our five month old puppy had to have stitches in his paw, and we live in a rural area, an hour and a half away from the vet. Ugh. Complicating yesterday, was the crazy stomach virus my teenage son came down with in the morning. Crazy in the number of trips the poor kid had to make to the restroom — something like 13 for all you understanding parents out there. Poor kid! Suffice it to say, I was plenty busy yesterday and, well, that’s how it goes in families.

Today has been better. The puppy is patched up and my son has made an incredible turnaround! So I was able to get in a quick sketch based on the cover of the book, “Celebrate Christmas with Carols, Presents and Peace.” That brings me to an issue I was faced with on Day One: sketching on limited time, do I work on the same sketch day after day until it is complete, or do I move on to a totally different piece each day. I decided that I would start something new every day. 🙂

Well that’s it for today, except to say that I signed up for a beginning drawing class offered through our public library. I’ve taken assorted sundry other classes from them in years past and have never been disappointed! I bet this will be the same.


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One Creative Journey 001/364

One Creative Journey. That’s the theme for 2015. Every day of 2015. Like most everything, it’s been years in the making. Many years, and many lessons.

So, why go through the hassle of a blog?  What’s the point? For now, the goal is primarily accountability with a sub-goal of encouraging others.

Accountability for myself that if I put this in writing, out in the blogosphere, that I will stick with it. You see, I tend to be an optimistic creative who bounces from idea to idea. My family has learned to smile pleasantly and nod on occasion, as I enthusiastically expound on my latest amazing idea! Enter perseverance.

I learned a big lesson in perseverance last year from a couple of friends. More on that in a later blog. Suffice it to say that sharing goals and dreams with others goes a long way toward accountability. So, you guys are my unsuspecting accountability partners, along with my friends and family!

The encouraging others part comes as a by-product of sharing the goals, struggles and the eventual growth that comes with any journey. In this case, the journey upon which I am embarking today.

You see, I spent several decades convinced that not only was I not creative, but that there was absolutely no creativity to be found or nurtured within. When people would ask, my standard answer was always, “I don’t have a creative bone in my body.”

Well, we are going to watch creativity in action as the year unfolds. Like I said, I spent decades convinced of a lie, and only the past ten or so years entertaining the possibility that I might have a spark of creativity within me. As time went on, I discovered that spark, and have started to fan it.

Having said that, I created the following proposition for 2015:  That with pad and pencil in hand, I will sketch a single, simple drawing each day of this new year. They will all be numbered, so that progress can be tracked, and at the end of 2015, I will re-draw either the first sketch or the first few, to compare and provide a visual of the growth that has occurred.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. You hold me accountable and I will share with you how it is that every person, even you, are creative!

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